Upcoming opportunities for OGB members

The following is are events that OGB members for Expo



September 21-23, 2018 Hosted by Asheville Van Life, Tiny House Tiny Footprint, & Vanlife Diaries

at JuneBug Retro Resort 15 minutes north of Asheville. This is a 50 acre property with a creek running though it.

The OGB has the opportunity for a group expo (similar to our Cyclocross Nationals tent). Expo Booths are $500 each, but we will be given a group rate if enough of us are interested. On board so far are Fifth Element Camping & Mount Inspiration. Micah Pulleyn is the organizer of the event and would love to have the OGB onsite. She is open to suggestion of how we want to present or any other ideas we have for partnership. it could be a Fall Get in Gear Fest that the we do not have to organize. 

150 Livable vehicles will be camping for the weekend with Saturday open to the public. 



Partnership Deck PDF


OGB Campout

Date TBA

The OGB is planning another group campout and we want you there. This is an amazing opportunity to get professional photos of your gear being used as it was intended. Show up with your gear, camp and enjoy while professional photographers that we invite shoot the weekend.

We will add an active link asap


Yard Sale

Date TBA

We have been discussing a group gear sale in the Asheville Area. We are talking about all that old gear you need to clear out or last years models.  We have talked about bringing in local retailers as well. This will be open to the public with a small entrance fee.

We will add an active link asap