About Tsuga

Tsuga is committed to designing the most versatile and innovative products available. We strive to attain a loyal customer base from our dedication to product functionality, quality of workmanship, customer satisfaction and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

About the Tsuga's Canopies


At Tsuga, we believe in providing versatile and functional sun shelters that are second to none. We proudly cut, print, sew, and package our product here in Boone, North Carolina. You can look, but you wont find another canopy product that will match our commitment to product functionality, quality of workmanship, or customer satisfaction. Our canopies are easy and quick to set up, weigh only 6 lbs, are sun-proof, wind-proof, water-proof, and offer endless uses. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Weathermax Canopies.

Attach these canopies to your vehicle when tailgating, at a concert or festival. We offer sandbags in place of stakes, so you can use this canopy as a sunshade on the beach. Hook up the canopy to your raft, almost any type of boat, your RV, motorcycle, or even an ATV. Use a Tsuga Canopy to get out of the rain, wind, or sun when you're hiking or camping.


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711-1 George Wilson Rd, Boone, North Carolina 28607