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Refreshingly simple gear for extraordinary needs. The most durable, waterproof, low-profile caving backpacks ever. And other ingenious products to make your caving excursion easier, safer, and more efficient.

About the Swaygo Gear "PUSH" Caving Backpack

The PUSH Pack is a radically different design in caving packs. Why? For starters, it’s the most waterproof caving pack available, thanks to the Tuck & Roll closure. Plus, it’s amazingly low profile—a must for hardcore cavers. The body of the pack is made from a super-durable polyurethane that puts PVC to shame. Beefy radio frequency welded seams are impossible to separate and much stronger than the original material. The simple, versatile Quick Strap system makes adjusting, dragging, and hanging the pack a breeze.

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