About Lightheart Gear

LightHeart Gear believes in maximizing on simplicity in building it's ultralight weight backpacking tents. Founded in 2009, the company has rapidly grown with it's line of trekking pole supported sil-nylon and cuben fiber tents utilizing a patented support system. With its manufacturing facility in Arden, NC, and production done in small lots, LightHeart Gear can easily and quickly innovate and change, often based on customer feed back and requests.

About the LightHeart Gear SoLong 6 Tent

The SoLong 6 is SO long, that hikers over 6’8” will fit comfortably in this tent. Designed for the big & tall (over 100 inches long, with 45 inches of head room), this flyweight tent weighs in at just 1lb, 14.6oz, and can be customized to fit just about anybody (or two "regular sized" people.) In general, LightHeart Tents are hiking pole supported shelters utilizing our patent pending support system. This allows the user to enjoy the full head room height of the tent, keeps the poles out of the way of the entry door, and maximizes space while minimizing weight. Poles are inside the tent to protect them from the elements and night critters that like to chew on them. For those who do not use hiking poles, we have adjustable aluminum tent poles which fold down to only 11 inches long. Our tents are generously sized for the number of intended inhabitants – one person will find a solo tent roomy and two people will find a duo spacious.

Lightheart Gear is based in Fletcher, NC