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Join Friends of the Outdoor Gear Builders! Your contribution helps the OGB keep doing what it does best, making world class gear right here in Western North Carolina.

Benefits of membership

  • Gear Deals. Youโ€™re already buying the gear, why not get deals! As a member you will receive discounts and specialist from our member companies and partners.

  • Annual Events. Supporting local manufacturers is something to celebrate! Enjoy exclusive Friends of the OGB events and gatherings to show our appreciation for your support.

  • Stay Informed. Our region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. At our core, we are outdoor advocates, and we want to protect the places we love to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy them as we have. This takes a community and a sense of pride, stewardship and involvement. Your membership is a direct contribution to the efforts made by the OGB.

  • Get the hook up. Looking to get involved in the outdoor industry in a bigger way? Our extensive network will keep you informed about industry jobs, events and current industry news.

Friends of the OGB- Annual Individual Membership

Join Friends of the OGB

Thank you for choosing to support your local and regional manufacturers.

Join Friends of the OGB