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Fifth Element Camping

Fifth Element is a removable micro camping system for the Honda Element. The system installs and removes in under 10 minutes without modification to the vehicle. Your Element can seat 4 as a daily driver and transform into a micro camper on the weekends. The Fifth Element Micro Camper consists of 4 components; Bed/Bench & Rear Storage Boxes, Storage Cabinet & Desktop, Center Console & Tray and Camp Kitchen & Sideboard.

About the Fifth Element Micro Camper

The Fifth Element Micro Camper is a micro camper system that includes everything you need for your home on the road, including the kitchen sink, and can easily come out of your vehicle and stow away in the garage. With a small foot print of 39"L x 23"W x 41"H and the ability to store the units separately, it will fit just about anywhere. Put those rear seats back in your Element and you have a daily driver that seats four. Your micro camper awaits ready for it's next adventure.

Fifth Element Camping

is based in Asheville, NC