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About Blyss Running

  Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Blyss Running is a woman owned small business providing you with athletic apparel that inspires your empowerment and joy. We design flattering and functional clothing that gives you the confidence to pursue your passions comfortably. Blyss Running is for The Athlete in Every Woman. Proudly made in the USA.

Blyss Running was formed in Asheville, North Carolina in 2015 by Alyson Neel. Tired of not being able to find running shorts or skirts with longer inseams, pockets and other features that made sense for active women, she decided to design and make her own. From the beginning, two things were forefront. Number one, being able to offer functional, comfortable and flattering athletic apparel that you can feel confident wearing. Number two, supporting the revitalization of the domestic textile industry. Partnering with a small woman owned factory here in the United States fulfills both of these needs. It allows Blyss Running to participate in a growing sustainable economy while also affording the opportunity to be actively involved in the entire production process. It’s a collaboration to bring design to reality and working with a domestic partner we can test, fit and look after all the little details that go into creating each garment so when you wear Blyss, you feel blyss!

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Blyss Running is located in

Asheville, North Carolina