About Astral

Astral was founded in 2002 on the banks of the Rocky Broad River near Asheville, NC. We are a focused group of paddlers, designers, engineers, and regular good people. We spend most of our time creating cool stuff and trying our best to please our customers. Astral is a small open business where our success is judged by our customers and our own personal satisfaction, doing the best possible work for the most good.

As kayakers, we need gear that makes us feel more comfortable, confident, and safe. Gear that allows us to push ourselves and the sport.

As designers, we need to make products that are unique, necessary, and beautiful.

As manufacturers, we need our factories to be safe, our materials to be non-toxic, and our waste to be minimal.
If a product cannot meet all these requirements, we don't make it.


About the GreenJacket and Brewer 2.0

The GreenJacket represents the most innovative and comfortable rescue vest to date. Featuring a freestyle tectonic front panel, large clamshell pocket with multiple compartments, added back protection, fleece handwarmer and a variety of safety features, this jacket is the top choice for river guides and expedition paddlers alike.

Brewer 2.0
With its super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, Balanced Geometry™ midsole, and Water-Ready uppers this evolution of our original shoe elevates the common sneaker to an entirely new level of performance and versatility.

Visit Astral in Asheville

829 Riverside Dr.  Suite 125 Asheville, NC 28801