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We think our customers appreciate the difference between "any old mountain" and the mountain they just climbed. The American Backcountry Moisture Wicking Tee is manufactured using 100% spun polyester and delivers the look and feel of organic cotton and the wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers. Our shirts are built to last, with permanent moisture transport technology, anti-microbial and anti-stain features, and the fastest drying time in the industry. View the shirts, and tell us about YOUR American Backcountry at



About American Backcountry Moisture-Wicking Tees


We have merged our test of time Outdoor Graphics with top quality Moisture Wicking Apparel and trend forward printing technologies.  Our destination graphics touch the pulse and passion of a wide spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts.  Our garments are manufactured with performance, comfort and function in mind.  Our printing processes almost exclusively utilize water based inks and all are environment friendly.  Our products are Phthalate free and in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standards.